Outstanding Quotes Report

This report shows all authorised quotes without authorised sale order/invoice issued during the specified time interval.


The report inputs are shown in the table below.

Beginning date of the report
Closing/end date of the report


Currency to be used in the report
Refreshes the report results based on the latest data
Apply Filter
Sets filter on fields used in the report
Allows export of report data to Excel, PDF or RTF
Quote Status
Additional filter that displays All Quotes by default (Authorised, Voided, and Draft). Drafts Only and Authorised Only are the other filter options.
Draft (quotes) returns all rows, except Voided or Authorised quotes.
Authorised Only returns quotes with Authorised status, including Archived authorised quotes.
Set to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any.


After setting the inputs described above, pressing the Update button refreshes the report based on the selected inputs. The output fields are shown in the table below.

Field NameDescription
Order #Sale Order Number identifying the quote
CustomerCustomer name
Sales RepresentativeCompany sales representative responsible for the quote
SKUProduct SKU
ProductThe name of the product
UnitUnit of measure
QuantityQuoted quantity
TotalLine total for the product, including tax
DateIssue date of the quote
YearIssue year of the quote
QuarterQuarter of the quote issue date
MonthMonth of the quote issue date
LocationLocation from which the sale will be dispatched
CategoryProduct category
BrandProduct brand
Product TagsComma-separated product tags
FamilyProduct family name
Customer TagsComma-separated customer tags
CurrencyCurrency code used in the quote
Is Archived
Flag for archived quotes
Quote Approval State
Status of the quote approval (Authorised or Draft)

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