Customer Payment Summary Report

This report shows payment details by customer with invoiced, Paid and still Due amount.


Following are input for this report

Allow user to select a date i.e. beginning date of required report
Allow user to select a date i.e. closing/end date of required report
Allow user to select Currency for report
Update button which refresh report results
Apply Filter
This button show option to set filter on fields used in report
This button will allow user to export report data in Excel, PDF or RTF format



After setting inputs described above, when you press update button, report will refresh as per inputs, there are following output field available for this report 


 Customer name.

Last Invoice Date

 Last invoice date with in specified From - To period.

Last Payment Date

 Last Date payment/refund was processed with in specified From - To period.

Invoice Total

 Summary of all invoiced and credited amounts including tax.


 Summary of all received and refunded amounts for the period.


 Due amount = Invoice - Paid - FX Gain/Loss.

FX Gain/Loss

 Foreign Exchange gains and losses for the period.

Customer Tags

 Comma-separated customer tags.

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