• It would be useful if there was an icon next to the "Invite to Portal" icon to tell if the customer has created a password/account or not.

    I also would like to see the ability to turn off the black bar at the bottom of the carousel images.  Or at least turn off the "captions".  I have one carousel image set up with an html link and the long, complicated, and distracting link text shows up in that black bar.  

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  • @Nachshon I was logged in as a customer. I see it now. Would prefer an obvious "Add to favourites" link instead of a little grey star?

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  • Yes please share because it doesn't seem possible without setting up a Windows server. The best guess I had was to generate one in another format and then use a converter that I found online but not sure yet if it would work.

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  • Hi Nachshon,

    I have logged the above issues with support they will be resolved soon. Please in future log these types of queries to support and we'll leave forum for suggestions only.


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  • Replying to Ross


    17 days ago


    The ability to display a product only to a customer with a tag would be really useful,
    Currently, the only way I can conceive to do this is to have two B2B Portals running simultaneously with the exclusive product on one B2B and not the other.

    We run 6 different B2B portals so we can segment the product range access to different market segments.

    But it's a nightmare to keep up to date!

    It would be great if you could restrict/select the catalogue of brands/categories on a per customer level within the same portal... similar to how customer-specific pricing works.

    (I can imagine this would be a complex configuration which wouldn't be specific to B2B portal, but the complete Dear structure)

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  • re the NEW tag, I would prefer if there were no exclamation mark... what does it add anyway?


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    A Portal Settings option for a flag, or custom coloured background/shadow to highlight products that a customer has purchased previously. This would need to be per customer, not per contact (ie: visible for all contacts under that customer profile).

    This would help customers navigate the portal and identify products that they have in their inventory already, to prompt re-ordering and to encourage expansion into other products.


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  • Thanks for the update Mike!

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  • Loving the B2B portal! Here are a very suggestions for improvements:

    Individual Product page:

    1. Allow the product code to be displayed next to the color name in both the matrix and list tab of the product page (to allow customers to shop along with our physical catalog which lists Product codes)


    2. There is a lot of empty space on the product page to the right of the product image. It would be great if we could inbed jpg images there to fill that blank space


    3. Product page navigation: Allow customers to get to the previous navigation area (selected vertical navigation tab, selected product page number) when clicking 'back' in their web browser instead of being placed at the front page of the site.


    Keep up the great work!

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  • Please add a check boxes to select items in the catalog for listing and and De-listing. We now need to open two catalog windows - one to see the items and the other to search for them and de-list. Gets tedious very quickly...:


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  • The 'Invitations' list in the B2B settings has no means to distinguish wholesale customers from retail customers. Therefore, it is impossible to decide in this window who should receive an invitation and who should not. We don't want to be sending wholesale portal invitations to retail customers. If you added a 'filter by price tier' function, we could find only those customers who are wholesale customers, and this layout would be much more functional. What say you?

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  • Not sure if this is a B2B issue or something else but...

    There is a little bell in the top right of the Dear window that usually shows a notification for a new portal order or other info.  This little bell doesn't seem to be working this week, we are getting no indication that there are new portal orders unless the bell is clicked, then they seem to be listed there as usual.  

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  • There is no need to actually use openssl. Once you got certificate files with private key file from your certificate issuer, you can use this tool to convert the format to PFX:

    Don't forget to select any intermediate certificates in this dialog if provided by your certificate issuer.

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  • Oh no, Jen is right. Thanks for the heads up - there were order there..

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  • MOQ per SKU as well as only making it available in packs of 6 etc.

    Allowing to customise all text so we can use it in non-English speaking markets.

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