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Bin Location for New Stock Transfer

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We hold a large number of bulk product on pallets off site

When we create a new stock transfer and receive the stock into our warehouse, currently in DEAR multiple stock transfers are are required to place the stock into bin locations

WAREHOUSE B stock transfer 15 pallets into WAREHOUSE A

If the transfer is for 15 different SKUS then 15 different stock transfers to bin locations are need to be created.

With the stock transfer, can we SAVE the stock transfer --> email the transfer to the WAREHOUSE B --> receive the items from WAREHOUSE B and at the same time add the Bin location to were the items are stored in WAREHOUSE A --> then click COMPLETE with the bin locations recorded

This would save multiple manual stock transfers and save time while showing all locations of the SKU

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  • Just with the above if it was based on the purchase order module were you can choose the bin location from the drop down box that would help greatly.

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  • Agree! We have just started using bins and I have to move every one of our 300+ products to their relevant Bins, At the moment I can't see any easy/efficient way of doing this other than having to do 300+ seperate stock transfers?!!!!!

    Being able to choose the bin for each line item when doing a stock transfer seems logical to me and don't know why it isn't already in there?

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  • I also Agree! I just wanted to add that it would be amazing if bins could be assigned barcodes. That way when you are moving stock around you can just scan bins and then the products. This would also be massively helpful in the stocktake and stock adjustment process.

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  • Is there a way if a caution message pops up advising you that a bin/pallet location is currently being used by another SKU - the operator then has the option to either OK or Cancel the transfer and move/transfer the incorrect SKU to its correct location within DEAR

    There has been a couple occasions were I have created a product transfer to find that DEAR has recorded 2 different SKU's in the same location but physically there has only been 1 SKU in the location. Its easy to select the incorrect location if typing manually as some locations are either a single letter or number different to another location. Or when receipting a container completing a large amount of transfers can be bit of a blur................

    There are times were some items need to be in the same location but the user should be prompted to advise if this is the action want to proceed with.

  • I think the to and from location should be determined at the header, but the bin should be selected at the line level.

    So I say I'm moving from Location A to Location B. Then on each line I can choose Location A Bin 1 to Location B - Bin 2 or Location A - Bin 2 to Location B - Bin 3 and so on. Similarly to the way the Stock Adjustment works.

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  • I would like to see this module enhanced to allow stock transfers from multiple bin locations without having to create a new stock transfer each time.

    Being able to select bin location at the line level, as mentioned above, would be of great benefit.

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  • This is one of the most frustrating features in DEAR. We operate one Location with lots of Bins. We constantly move stock from one Bin to another to maximise efficient use of space. We seldom move everything from one Bin to another Bin. It is incredibly time consuming with the current system. 

    Ideally we'd like the option to adjust location via the Product Details screen rather than having to do a stock transfer. I appreciate this wouldn't work for everyone so perhaps it could be a Settings Option?  

    Alternatively, if we could download all products and locations, amend them in a spreadsheet and upload them, that would save time. 

    Also, when doing a Stocktake, we use that opportunity to reorganise our warehouse. It is incredibly frustrating not to be able to upload new bin locations along with amended stock volumes. 

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  • @ Ian Morgan - I hear your pain......... 

    On average I am performing over 40 stock transfers per week and when we receive containers this is x3 due to not being able to do multiple locations for a single sku in a PO.

    I understand the need for stock transfers for a way to record stock movement but there needs to be a more simple way to do this and the only I can see for a quick and efficient movement is for a redesign on the scanning module.

    At present you need to manually enter the from and to locations then it will allow you to scan a SKU barcode......... Come on DEAR lets get up with the times and allow users to utilize scanning technologies for quicker and accurate performance!!!!

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  • Hello Dear,

    Can you please fix this? We have many bins in each location and stock transfers take forever! If you can add a "Transfer To" Bin location for each line item it would solve the problem.

    One other issue we are having is once a stock transfer order has been created there is now way to print the Stock transfer with the bin locations so my staff can pick out the stock. At the moment they have to hand write every bin location manually next to each item on the report before they go and pick the stock. 

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  • Yes! We need a way to transfer from Bin to Bin, warehouse A bin to Warehouse B bin, easily...

    does Dear care at all about the forums?

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  • @ DEAR Customer Service

    Are you able to provide us with any update to this suggested feature as it would make the job for the warehouse much more easier.........


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  • Yes, Can we please have any update for a solution... the current method is long and tedious. 

  • I would be interested is some additional BIN functionality as well, transfer to/from and designating sell from particular BIN locations. It would also be useful to be able to designate multiple bin locations per Transfer, IE: designate the BIN location on the line items. Although, I do wondering if you just use multiple-locations instead if the locations are different? 

    I wonder, has anyone attempted to build out some TO functionality via Zapier or APIv2 (with say Airtable)? I am considering building out an interface in airtable and API into thi, but would love to not reinvent the wheel.



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  • Is there any update on this? 

    They key request here appears to be to allow a field on an SKU line level where a bin can be entered for receiving the stock transfer into multiple bins automatically

    This would be an excellent platform improvement.

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