DEAR API V2 has been released! Please consider migrating to V2 version as it has more advanced functionality and covers all recent system changes. You can find documentation for API V2 at

Click on the endpoint to open detailed description of parameters and request/response samples.

You can also use DEAR Inventory API Explorer to see how API works in action.


· Customers (GET, POST, PUT)

· Suppliers (GET)

· Products (GET, POST, PUT)

· ProductFamilies (GET, POST, PUT)

· ProductAvailability (GET)

· PurchaseList (GET)

· Purchase (GET, POST, DELETE)

· Sale (GET)

· Sale (POST)

· SalePayments (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)

· SalePack (POST)

· SaleShip (POST,PUT)

· SaleCreditNote (POST)

· SaleList(GET)

· ChartofAccounts (GET)

· ProductCategories (GET)

· ProductBrands (GET)

· Locations (GET)

· PaymentTerms (GET)

· TaxationRules (GET)

· UnitsOfMeasure (GET)

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