How to use additional attribute set?

Due to a large number of different requirements from system users selling a variety of products through DEAR Inventory and dealing with a variety of suppliers and customers, it is quite often that there will be a need to collect and store additional information that is not in the default fields on an inventory item, supplier and customer record. In order for you to best describe your items, we have included the ability to create custom fields that can be used to describe your products, suppliers and customers.

The general procedure includes:

1. Creating a new attribute set.
Settings->Reference Books -> Additional Attributes-> Add Attribute set. You will need to specify attribute set name and 1 or more attributes that will appear on the data entry screen.

2. Attaching it to the product, supplier or customer.
Once you have created custom attributes they will appear on your Attribute Set combo box on the inventory, supplier and customer page.

3. When an attribute set has a value users can see an extra tab ‘Additional Attributes’ where they can enter all additional information.

4. When set this information can be used in Mail Merge fields on purchase orders, stock receiver, unstock, invoice and credit note tables.

See this to find out about tables where Additional Attribute field can be used.

Please check information about Setting up & using Purchase Additional Attributes and Setting up & using Sale Additional Attributes

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