Product Availability

This report shows the availability status of inventory items.


The following table shows the inputs for the report.

RefreshWhen clicked, refreshes the report
ExportWhen clicked, exports the report data to Excel
PrintWhen clicked, prints labels for selected products



The following table shows the output fields for the report.

Product category
Name of the product
Location of the stock from where the sale will be dispatched
Shows the bin where the product is placed
Batch/Serial #
Batch or serial number of the product
Expiry Date
Expiry date of the product
Stock Value
Value of the product stock
On Hand
Quantity on Hand
Quantity available for sale
On Order
Quantity in Purchase Orders placed with suppliers
Quantity allocated to orders received from customers or sales orders
Next Delivery
Expected delivery date of purchase orders from suppliers

NOTE: The information displayed on the Product Availability page is essentially the same as that found on this report. For more information, see Viewing Product Availability.

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