A Customer Sales Statement Report is a report consisting of a consolidated list of all the transactions carried out for a particular customer. It is a good business practice to send regular statements to your customers so they are aware of the amounts still owing on their account. There are two options:

  • Sale Statement Activity – Activity statement will show all activity within the selected date range. If there are invoices still unpaid from before the date range you have selected, these will be summarised as a brought forward balance. Then all the invoices and payments received within the selected period will be listed giving you a total due balance at the end. This is often the preferred method when you are issuing several invoices per month to a customer.

  • Sale Statement Outstanding – This statement will show all invoices with outstanding amounts left on them as of the date you have selected. This option is useful when a customer wants a complete list of all unpaid invoices going all the way to the beginning rather than older period ones been represented just as a brought forward balance.


  • Set up Customers (necessary)
  • Users will need the Customers List & Editing permission in order to use this feature. 

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Filter customers with an outstanding balance

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The customer list (Sale → Customers) can be filtered according to only show customers with an outstanding balance. Change the dropdown menu from All Customers to Outstanding Balance. Clicking the Due header can then sort customers according to highest outstanding balance. 

Print outstanding balance statements

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On the Customers page (Sale → Customers), click on the More Actions button and select Sales Statements from the dropdown. This will open the Sales Statements screen. If the customer list has been filtered, the filtered customers will be shown.

Select your Date range and select Customer/s by checking boxes next to the customer record. Click Print and select Sale Statement Activity or Sale Statement Outstanding from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can email them directly to the customer by clicking Email.

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