Adding a New Location & Outlet

Adding a New Location & Outlet

For businesses that are operating from multiple locations, setting up additional outlets will help you manage your inventory and track your sales effectively from every location.

To add a new location outlet:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Reference Books > Stock > Locations and Bins
  2. Click + or Add more items, name the location and click Save

  1. Navigate to Integrations and select Point of Sale (DEAR)
  2. Navigate to the Outlets setup tab
  3. In the POS column, select the store
  4. In the Outlets column, select the location to create a new outlet for and click + Outlet
  5. Fill in the details relating to your outlet

  1. For Tax-Exclusive Retailers, select which Tax Rate you would like to use for this outlet.
  2. Once you have entered your Outlet Information press Save.

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