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Q: On the Purchase Order Details report, purchase invoice number and invoice date are blank for advanced purchases. On the Sales Overview report, sales invoice number can be shown but invoice date isn't. Is this normal? Can these two reports also show invoice number and invoice date?

A: Since advanced sales/purchases can contain many invoices/dates, we can't show them in combined reports like these two reports. Only simple sales/purchases will have that information in these reports.

Q: I noticed that this is not available any more. Can you confirm if this is an issue when reporting our sales from this format? We run Customer Orders by Product Report.

A: This is the correct report for you. It will show you how many products were invoiced/credited during a specific period based on invoice/credit note dates. If you see COGS values displayed in the report, that means the goods were shipped.

Q: Is there a chance of overlap of one order into the next quarter, i.e. a doubling up of sales?

A: No, invoice lines are based on invoice date, and credit note lines are based on credit note date. So, no doubling up should happen.

Q: Do you know any way of updating the city, states, and countries in Customer Orders by Product Report? I assume you can't override this information but wanted to check.

A: Unfortunately, it is by design that we don't change data on sales/purchases when you update reference entries on customers/suppliers. There is no easy way of changing these except manually updating every single sale.

Q: We have been downloading the Customer Orders by Product Report on a monthly basis, but it has come to my attention that our profit margins might be askew because in some months a deposit has been received before the item has been built and allocated. This is coming up with a 100% margin. Does this mean that the sum of these reports will show a higher than actual average margin?

A: Yes, this report shows data based on when cost is received. So if you sold an item and didn't include the cost of the item (because the To date of the report is prior to the cost change date), the COGS won't have the value of the cost change that happened the following month. One report that shows accumulated COGS regardless of cost change date is the sale overview report. Note that COGS transactions may also be even after shipping date in case of sold goods cost changes with a later effective date. When you authorise a purchase invoice for received stock three (3) months after the stock was received, this report will only show you COGS if the report date range actually includes the purchase invoice date.

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