Printers and barcode scanners can be connected to your DEAR POS device. Printers are used to print sales receipts while barcode scanners are used for scanning product-based, weight-based, and price-based barcodes. 

The typical organisation in DEAR Inventory allows product-based barcodes. On the other hand, weight-based and price-based barcodes are typical for stores that sell products based on weight and/or price, e.g. butcher shops, delicatessens, and fruit shops.

NOTE: We are currently experiencing issues with Epson Bluetooth printers. We recommend using Ethernet/Wifi interface with Epson printers until these issues have been resolved with the manufacturer. 


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Supported Hardware

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The table below shows the various LAN, Wireless and Bluetooth printers from Star Micronics and EPSON that are supported in DEAR POS.

NOTE: We are currently experiencing issues with Epson Bluetooth printers. We recommend using Ethernet/Wifi interface with Epson printers until these issues have been resolved. 

Star Micronics







TM-T20, TM-T2011, TM-T2011-i

TSP143 (100)

TM-T70, TM-T70-i, TM-T7011, TM-T7011-DT


TM-T82, TM-T82II, TM-T82II-i

TM-T881V, TM-T88V, TM-T88VI , TM-T88V-i, TM-T88VliHUB, TM-T88V-DT

SM-S210iTM-U220, TM-U220-i


SM-T300iTM-H6000IV, TM-H6000V, TM-H6000IV-DT

Printer setup

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Here are a few examples of how to set up supported printers in DEAR POS. The procedures cover the Star TSP650II Bluetooth printer, Clover built-in printer, and mPOP Mobile Point of Purchase Device. Setup of other printers and scanners follow essentially the same procedures.

Star TSP650II printer

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To install the TSP650II printer:

  1. Pair the printer with a tablet device, per the STAR printer instructions handbook.
  2. Within DEAR POS go to Menu → Setup → Printer Setup.
  3. In the Printer Name field, enter the exact name of the printer as shown under the Bluetooth settings on your tablet.
  4. Enable the simulator mode to have receipts pop up on screen rather than having them physically printed. Otherwise, disable the simulator mode if you want to physically print receipts to paper.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the Test connection button. If all settings are correct, a message that the printer has successfully connected is displayed.
  7. Click Test print. If all info is correct, a small test receipt is printed.

mPOP Mobile Point of Purchase Device

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Star Micronics' mPOP™ Mobile Point of Purchase is a hybrid device for tablet POS that combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral and optional barcode scanner. You can set up the mPOP Device to communicate with your DEAR POS store. 

First, set up mPOP device on a target device (Android tablet or Apple iPad) via Bluetooth connectivity. For guidance on how to use the devices, user manuals can be downloaded from mPOP.

To use mPOP Device with DEAR POS:

  1. Go to Google Play or the App Store, and download and install the mPOP utility.
  2. Check that the mPOP device is functioning correctly.
  3. Start DEAR POS application on your iPad or Android device.
  4. Go to Setup → Printer Setup.
  5. Click Auto Discover Printer. mPOP should be found automatically. Select the correct paper width according to the printer instructions and click Connect.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Select the printer, then click Connect.
  8. If the printer does not connect successfully, the notification shown below pops up. Click Try Connecting Again to retry the operation until successful.
  9. After successfully connecting the printer, press Test Connection to check that the printer is connected to DEAR POS.
  10. Press Test Print and check if a test receipt is printed correctly.

To use the mPOP device as a barcode scanner:

  1. Add a product with a barcode into DEAR Inventory, then list it on your POS store to test the mPOP barcode scanner (if you are not familiar with listing products, refer to DEAR POS - Catalog and Bulk Listing). Using the mPOP barcode scanner, start scanning items into the registered order and click Pay.
  2. When selecting a cash payment method, the mPOP cash drawer will pop open automatically once the Done button is pressed. You can then continue to email or print the receipt for the customer.

Barcode Scanners

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Barcode scanners can be paired with your tablet device following the procedure described under your barcode scanner manufacturer's manual. You can also use your device camera to scan barcodes if using DEAR POS on a mobile device. 

No special steps are required to be taken within DEAR POS for connection of barcode scanners. Every barcode scanner that can be attached as hardware to your PC/MAC or tablet (Android or iOS) is supported.

To install a barcode scanner:

  1. Within DEAR POS, go to Menu → Setup Scanner setup.
  2. You will be taken to the scanner test area where symbols will appear if the barcode scanner is attached. You can test scan real barcodes here.
  3. An error message is displayed if the barcode could not be detected. Ensure that your scanner is properly connected, then try the operation again until successful.

Use mobile device camera to scan barcodes

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The camera of your mobile device can be used to scan barcodes when Scanning via Camera mode is enabled. Enable this from the Setup menu via DEAR POS mobile application (not via DEAR POS web). 

NOTE: This is devices with minimum version iOS 11+ and Android 5.1+

A Scan icon will be displayed next to the search field in the following areas in the DEAR POS mobile app:

  • Sales Register 
  • Sales View 
  • Stocktake in progress 
  • Stock Transfer

Using camera to scan is only available for DEAR POS application used on mobile devices. It is not available for DEAR POS accessed via browser. 

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