This function allows streamlined reordering of stock that is running low, ensuring no sales are lost due to an item being out of stock. Stock Reorder parameters can be set globally for each product or independently for each location of your organisation. 

Users will need the Purchase - Stock Reorder permission in order to access the low stock reorder feature. See Managing Users and Roles and User permissions explained for how to set user permissions. 

For more advanced control of stock levels which takes into account lead times from suppliers, see DEAR's smart reordering feature. 


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Low stock reorder user permissions

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DEAR offers fine-grained control over user permissions by going to Settings → Users and Roles. See Managing Users and Rolesand User permissions explained for help setting user permissions. 

Users will need the Inventory → Products & Families permission to set up low stock reorder points. Users will need the Purchases → Reorder stock permission to view this module and create purchase orders for reorder items. 

Setting Up Low Stock Reorder Points

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For stock to be presented for reorder automatically, the low stock reorder points must be set up for each inventory item you wish to reorder. Low stock reorder points can be set up for total product numbers and also for the amount of product in each location.

To set up low stock reorder points:

  1. Navigate to Inventory → Products.
  2. Select the relevant product.
  3. Enter a Minimum Before Reorder quantity and the Reorder Quantity. This sets up the low stock reorder point for total numbers of the product across your inventory.
  4. Go to the Suppliers tab and click or Add more items to add a supplier from the dropdown list for this product. You can choose as many suppliers as you wish for each product. At least one supplier must be added to the product for the low stock reorder function to work. 
  5. Click Save.

To set up low stock reorder points for a location:

  1. Navigate to Inventory → Products.
  2. Select the relevant product.
  3. Go to the Reorder levels tab.
  4. Click +Location.
  5. Enter the Location, Minimum Before Reorder and Reorder Quantity.
  6. Click Save.

Important! If you have multiple locations, the total reorder quantity will depend on the Minimum Before Reorder specified for system setting, which can be found under the Purchase Process Customisation section in Settings → General Settings, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Turn on/off low stock reorder for a location

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You can quickly turn on/off low stock reorder points for a location once they have been set up. To do this, go to Settings → Reference Books → Stock → Locations and Bins. On the Locations tab, select a location.   

Check/uncheck the Allow to Reorder Stock Level box for that location.

Low Stock Reorder

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A product will now be automatically shown in the Reorder Stock module once the quantity reaches the Minimum Before Reorder quantity.

To reorder stock:

  1. Navigate to Purchase → Reorder.
  2. Select a Supplier. This displays a list of available products for reorder. Alternatively, click Select All to select all products needing reorder.
  3. Click the Products filter button to open up the filter window.
  4. Products can be filtered by product family, tag, category, brand OR filtered to show a single product. 
    • The condition for filter groups work is AND. This means that values selected in the filters are applied as AND. Inside the group the condition is OR 
    • For example, if the filters Product Family: Long-sleeved Shirts, T-shirts, Tag: New, and Category: Menswear are selected, Products belonging to the long-sleeved shirts family AND t-shirts family with tag: new and category: menswear will be shown. 
  5. Select one or more products by checking the box next to it.
  6. Click Reorder.
  7. A new purchase order will be generated automatically for the reordered stock. Follow the link to go to the Purchase order. Check the purchase order to see if the details are all correct.
  8. Authorise the order to be printed or emailed to the supplier to be fulfilled.

View product stock levels

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The reports module has several reports which allow you to compare available stock, on order stock and minimum before reorder levels. Go to Reports → Inventory to view these reports. 

Products Stock Level: Shows the current stock level of all active products in all locations. Use this report to see available, on-hand, allocated, on-order, reordered and minimum before reorder quantities. You can also check the stock on hand value and unit cost of products on the current date.

Products Reordering: Shows stock level details necessary for stock refill. Use this report so see available, on order, reorder and minimum before reorder quantities as well as purchase price for all active products. 

Products Low on Stock Shows stock level details necessary for stock refill. Use this report so see available, on order, reorder and minimum before reorder quantities as well as purchase price for active products with stock levels below the minimum before reorder quantity. 

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