The Stocktake feature allows the user to verify the quantities and the condition of the stock physically in a specific location/warehouse. This process can be performed in a pre-defined schedule (such as annual, or a specific cycle count – weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Stocktakes will cause transactions to be generated and synced to your accounting records. If the stocktake is not 'real' (i.e. in the case of correcting a data entry error), this can be skipped.

NOTE: Use the DEAR Warehouse Management Solution application for easy and efficient stocktaking using standard devices.


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Stocktake permissions

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DEAR offers fine-grained control over user permissions. Grant users full or read-only permission to the different features of the inventory module, and create roles with pre-defined permissions to assign to users. 

DEAR allows you to set the following permissions relevant to stocktake (Settings → Users and Roles) - stock adjustments are also controlled by the same settings. 

These can be accessed from Inventory → Stocktake/Inventory

  • Stock Adjustment Tasks: (Read-only) View the stock adjustment list, stock adjustment details and stock adjustment tasks assigned to you. (Full Access) New stock adjustments can be created and authorised.
  • Stocktake Tasks: With read-only access, view the stock adjustment list and stock adjustment task details. (Full Access) New stocktake tasks can be created and authorised.
  • Stock Adjustment & Stocktake – Undo: Tasks permission must be granted. Undo stock adjustment/stocktake tasks. If only one Tasks permission is granted, the user will only be able to open task details and use Undo for that type.
  • Stock Adjustment & Stocktake – Void: Tasks permission must be granted. Void stock adjustment/stocktake tasks. If only one Tasks permission is granted, the user will only be able to open task details and use Void for that type.

See Managing Users and Roles and User permissions explained.

Perform a stocktake

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IMPORTANT! When Stocktaking is in progress, the location of the stocktake is locked, and its inventory cannot be used, sold or moved. If a user tries to authorise one of these processes during stocktake, they will receive an error message. You should be able to proceed normally with your operations even if there's a stocktake in progress. For example, if you have Shopify integration enabled, you can still load sales from Shopify but they will remain Pending to ensure that stock is unaffected until the stocktake has been completed.

NOTE: Only products of the type Stock are made available for stocktake. Services, fixed assets, non-inventory and gift cards will not appear.

To perform a stocktake:

  1. Navigate to Inventory → New → Stocktake/Count.
  2. Enter an Effective Date for the Stocktake. This is used as the date for the journal entries that will be triggered by the stocktake. 
  3. Choose a Location and an Expense Account for the operation. Selecting a location at this time will allow bins and pick zones to be selected as additional filters in Step 6.
  4. Enter a Reference (optional).
  5. Include Quantity on Hand in DEAR in the Stocktake by checking the box (optional).
  1. Select additional filters for the stocktake if necessary. You can use filters to limit the stocktake to products found in one or more stock locators, categories, brands, tags, bins and pick zones. When it comes to bins and pick zones, the options shown depend on the location chosen in Step 3. You can add as many filters as you want. To add a filter, select it from the appropriate list, then click the button to the right.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: All filters define list of products that will be in the stocktake. For example, Bin filter will look up products in that bin, then stocktake all instances of those products across the stock in the selected location. If you have the same product in multiple bins, all instances of the product will be included in the stocktake, not just the products found in the filtered bin. 
  2. Click Start. Stock items in this location will be listed. If filters have been applied, only items relevant to the filters will be shown. The list can now be compared with the actual stock levels. Once Start has been clicked, the stocktake location will be locked and no operations will be able to add or remove stock. Before Start is pressed, the draft stocktake will continuously be updated with the most recent stock availability information.
  1. Check quantities in the selected location and enter them into the Stocktake Quantity field. You can enter stock quantities manually into DEAR, scan product barcodes or import stocktake values. If the Quantity on Handbox was checked, this value will also be displayed. 
    • Manually – Enter stock quantities directly into DEAR.
    • Scan items – Click Scan Barcode to scan item barcodes or manually enter the barcode number. Scanning multiple units of an item will automatically calculate the total stocktake quantity. 
    • Import Stocktake values – Click Export to download the stock details as a CSV file, edit the stocktake quantities in the spreadsheet, then upload by clicking Import. These buttons are found at the bottom of the screen.

      NOTE: The CSV files for Non-Zero stock on hand and Zero stock on hand are different; make sure you are using the correct CSV file for your products and upload CSV files to the correct section.
  1. You may have items in your Stocktake location that have not been entered into DEAR. These items should be entered into the Zero Stock on hand Product section. Click + or Add more items and enter:

    • Product Name
    • Quantity
    • Cost
    • Batch/Serial number if applicable
    • Unit cost will be generated automatically but can be manually entered if required.

      NOTE: If scanning products, the item will automatically be entered into the correct section (zero or non-zero stock on hand). If it is a zero stock on hand item, you will still have to manually enter the batch/serial number if applicable.
  1. Click Save to save as draft or Complete to finish the Stocktake. The location will now be unlocked and ready to be used for transactions and operations.
  2. Stocktake Report can be saved or printed by clicking Print → Stocktake.

Once the Stocktake has been completed, the transactions generated will be visible at the bottom of the screen. These will be synced with your accounting application next time data is synced. In the case of a 'fake' Stocktake (for example, to correct a data entry error), this can be skipped.

The user has the option to Undo this Stocktake. Clicking Undo will reverse all Stocktake transactions and change the Completed Status to Draft.

NOTE: When using filters with stocktake, DEAR retrieves the list of products in the bins and locks them in the warehouse where stocktake is running, not just in the filtered bins. Thus, if a product is stored in multiple bins, other bins with the product are still retrieved, even if they're not included in the filter. In this case, just set the same stocktake quantity for bins not in the list.

Skip transaction synchronisation

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Stocktakes will cause transactions to be generated and synced to your accounting records. If the stocktake is not 'real' (i.e. in the case of correcting a data entry error), this can be skipped.

To skip generating transactions for a stocktake:

  1. Hover over Sync in the top toolbar.
  2. Check the pending sync entries by clicking Products: [x] require sync or View Sync History
  3. Change the status of the Inventory adjustment manual Journal (not Product) entry from Pending to Skipped.

View Stocktake List

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You can view all historical Stock Adjustments and Stocktakes by navigating to Inventory → Stocktake/Inventory

See the details of previous stocktakes by clicking on each line.

Stocktake Notifications

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Notifications related to the Stocktake and Stock adjustment processes can be enabled so that the responsible users can be notified once the stocktake is started and completed and the stock has been adjusted. Like all other DEAR Inventory notifications, stock-related notifications fall into three types, namely:

  • Internal
  • Email
  • External.

See Using the Automation Module to learn more about enabling these notifications for your users.

The Stocktake notifications are listed in the table below.

Stocktake Started NotificationTriggered when a stocktake operation is started in DEAR
Stocktake Completed NotificationTriggered when a stocktake operation is completed in DEAR

IMPORTANT! An active subscription to the Automation module is required to access the Notifications feature of DEAR Inventory. Learn more about subscribing to the Automation module.

Stocktake Errors

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I could not complete a sale because I started a stocktake, so I decided to void it. I'm still receiving a  "Processing cannot be completed because stocktake/inventory count is 'in progress' in one or more locations" error. 

Try refreshing or clearing your browser cache (use the link for support – and then check if you can process the sale.

"System detected discrepancy between required to adjust quantity and actual stock quantity movement. If this error persists, please contact support"

There are a few ways this error can be triggered. 

  • Stock levels have changed since the stocktake was created (e.g. stocktake created a week ago). In this case, void the original stocktake and try starting a new stocktake. 
  • Negative stock levels in your inventory. This can cause errors during stocktake. Please contact support for help resolving the issue in this case. 

I want to stocktake products in a certain bin only and have applied a bin filter. Why am I seeing products from other bins?

Applying a bin filter will only show products that appear in the filtered bin. However, if a product appears in the filtered bins and other bins, the stocktake quantity in other bins will be shown. The only way to avoid this is to store products in a single bin.

Need steps for restoring a saved Draft Stocktake and then completing it. We went to do this and all QOH numbers have changed - they are not the same as it was when we first ran the draft stocktake.

If you have not clicked on Start then changes in Stock level can still happen.

You will have to void and create a new stock take so new/updated stocks will be shown.

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