Salpo CRM provides dynamic contact and activity management. 

Connecting DEAR with Salpo CRM will allow you to:

  • Sync existing DEAR Contacts and create new Contacts in Salpo
  • Query the DEAR Product catalogue to add saleable Products to a new order in Salpo
  • Automatically create a new Opportunity, including the Product details, against the associated Customer in Salpo when you create a new order in DEAR
  • Create new orders in Salpo and push them to DEAR, setting order stage (e.g. authorised quote, order or invoice)
  • Generate pipeline, sales and Product reports in Salpo
  • View order status (including picked, packed and shipped) against either the Customer or orders within Salpo

Add the Xero integration to complete the loop between your CRM, inventory and accounting systems

NOTE: Two free external integrations are available under DEAR's standard subscription plan. If you already have two integrations, you may first need to purchase licenses for the additional external integrations under the My Subscription page.

If you have any questions, Salpo’s Support Team can help you optimise the configuration. Read more about linking DEAR Inventory and Salpo CRM with Salpo's extensive support documentation.


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Q: How is Salpo CRM and Dear Inventory linked?

A: DEAR Inventory and Salpo CRM are linked using an API key. This is created in DEAR then inputted into Salpo CRM to sync the two systems. You can then pick which Contact, Product and Sale Order data fields to push from DEAR into Salpo CRM.

Two free external integrations are available under DEAR's standard subscription plan. If you already have two integrations, you may first need to purchase licenses for the additional external integrations under the My Subscription page.

Q: Do the two systems share contacts?

A: Yes. When you first connect the two systems, Contacts can either be imported from DEAR Inventory into Salpo CRM individually or in bulk. Contacts are then shared between the two systems and can be updated in either and synced.

When using DEAR’s Webhooks feature, each time a new sale is created in DEAR, this triggers a check for a matching Contact in Salpo CRM. ‘No’ creates a new Contact. ‘Yes’ adds to the existing Contact and creates an Opportunity against that Contact, including associated Products, to enable reporting within Salpo CRM. Once synced, the integration is designed for Salpo CRM to be the Contact master, so all Contacts should be added into Salpo CRM then synced.

Q: What data is shared between systems?

A: The following data is shared:  Contacts, Orders, Products and the fields available on each record’s DEAR Inventory profile page.

Note: Fields that sync are defined within the Control Panel in Salpo CRM.

Q: Can you direct me to information on integrating Dear Inventory with Salpo CRM?

A:  Here is a link to the Salpo CRM support pages explaining how to connect Salpo CRM to Dear Inventory. 

Q: Which system is the master, Salpo CRM or DEAR Inventory?

A: This depends on the Organisation’s use case. Some decide to segment their teams, choosing which use DEAR and which use Salpo CRM. For example, Sales Team and Support Agents might enter all Contact and Sale data in Salpo CRM then alert managers for approval or checking and updating of information  within DEAR Inventory. Some Organisations allow teams to access both systems. For example, a simple sale may be created in Salpo CRM then pushed to DEAR, where the entering user can update applicable sales order fields.

Some organisations use DEAR Inventory as the master for Products and Sale Orders and Salpo CRM as the master for Contacts. So, all leads and Contacts are managed in Salpo, but Products and Sales are managed within DEAR Inventory, which syncs back to Salpo CRM for reporting, product association, reseller/marketing distribution and Contact sales order history.

Q: If you update Salpo CRM, does it automatically update DEAR?

A:  No. Contact records can be updated in either system but you must manually activate the sync process. Syncing Contacts from DEAR Inventory into Salpo CRM is done in bulk. This is a bigger process then individual sync, so changes may not reflect immediately. The sync length will depend on the size of your Contact database.

Q: If you delete a contact in Salpo CRM, what happens in DEAR?

A: Deleting a Contact in Salpo CRM will not impact the Contact record in DEAR Inventory. If the Contact is deleted in DEAR Inventory and you run a bulk sync from DEAR, it will not impact the Salpo CRM record either.

Q: Some of my clients have filled out Credit Applications that reflect their credit Limit, and other important details relating to that client. Is it possible to attach a file to a Customer?

A: Within Salpo CRM you can set up custom fields against an Individual or Organisation. This functionality could be used to create a Credit Limit field. Other important information can also be captured. To learn more about Salpo CRM custom fields visit this support article

You can also save files, such as scanned Credit Applications, against customer records.

Q:  What support can I get on the DEAR Inventory – Salpo CRM integration?

A: If you do need help getting started or have quick clarification questions, Salpo offers assistance via its Support Team and partners, trained in integrating Salpo CRM with DEAR Inventory.  For more in-depth questions, or a thorough review of your business workflows, Salpo offers paid Onboarding services to ensure you optimise the integration, along with links with your other business software.

To get help direct from Salpo or to find a partner in your region, just reach out and contact Salpo via their contact page

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