Manage your DEAR Account from the My Account menu. 

  1. My Subscription
  2. Change Password
  3. User Profile
  4. Log Off

NOTE: Users are not managed from the My Account menu, go to Settings -> Users & Roles to invite users and manage users for your organisation. 

My Account features are accessed from the right of the top toolbar.

My Subscription

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You can view and manage your Subscription status from My Account -> My Subscription. This page also allows you to view your payment history and view your referral discounts. 

Learn more about My DEAR Subscription.

Change Password

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Change your DEAR account password in My Account -> Change Password. You can send a password reset link to the linked email account and create a new password.

NOTE: Passwords in DEAR must follow these rules to be valid:

  • Use 8 or more characters
  • Must include upper and lower case characters (e.g. Aa)
  • Must include a number (1234)
  • Must include a symbol ($%&?)
  • Must be different from the previous 10 passwords

User Profile

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The User Profile page allows you to manage your account settings – set up a personal name for the DEAR account, set up 2-step authentication and view recent login attempts. It can be accessed from your Account menu. 

Here you can view which organisations you have access to and create new organisations if necessary. You can also view your subscription status and subscription expiry date. 

The User Login History grid shows the 10 most recent login actions. This should be regularly checked for any unusual logins or suspicious account activity. 

Log Off

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Log out of your DEAR account.

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