Q: I just set up our first POS and trying it out. It seems that when I search the product list to enter a sale, I can't find a product despite the fact that it is correctly listed on the POS. Could you kindly advise where the error is?

A: You may be searching for the product incorrectly. The correct way to search for products in DEAR POS is to enter the product name or part of it before pressing Enter. For example, if you have a product named 'This is Product 1', you can enter the entire product name or part of the product name, say, 'Product 1'.  If you enter 'This Product', DEAR POS will treat the search parameter as the product name and won't display any results.

Q: Is there a way to link pole displays to the system that's using DEAR POS for sales, so that the customer can see what is owed for the purchase?

The Android version of DEAR POS mobile application supports printing of checkout content onto a second monitor connected to the Android device. DEAR POS automatically detects if there is more than one monitor in the system and will display checkout information on the second monitor. 

Simple textual pole monitors are not supported, however, if the pole monitor can act as a second graphical monitor for the android device, it seems to be supported. This will depend on the hardware of the second display/monitor/pole and not DEAR settings, you may need to check with your hardware manufacturer. See Display checkout information on another display or pole.

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