NOTE: The Referral Credit Program has replaced the Referral Discount Program for users signing up after May 2019.

Earn referral credit and reduce your subscription fee by referring someone who you think should be using DEAR Inventory. When they sign up for an Active Subscription, you will earn a Referral Credit of 10% of their Total Payment amount which you can use for your next payment. The customer you invited to DEAR receives a discount of 10% for 6 months on their base plan. 

Referral credit is updated every time a payment of the referred organisation is processed (e.g. monthly subscription payment or annual subscription payment). Referral credit is automatically deducted from your next payment due. If the amount of referral credit exceeds the total payment due, the remaining referral credit is carried forward to be used against the next payment. 

Inviting Users

You can invite clients to DEAR either from the Dashboard or from the My Subscription page. Click Invite Clients to open a popup mailto window, or share the Referral Code directly to social media. 

View your Referrals and Referral Credit

See how much referral credit you have earned and any current referrals from the My Subscription page. Referral credit (and if applicable, discount) is listed in the Subscription Details section. 

Your current referrals are displayed in a table in the Referrals section.

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