DEAR normally loads new/updated data to and from QuickBooks during the syncing process between DEAR and the accounting application.

In case there's a need to overwrite data from QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Integration page in DEAR Inventory features a Load Historical Data function which allows loading of historical changes/documents/transactions from QuickBooks to DEAR, starting from a specified custom date which must not be more than 30 days before the current date.  Transactions up to one month old can be loaded.


Load historical data from QuickBooks to DEAR:

  1. In DEAR, navigate to Integration → QuickBooks integration.
  2. Click Sync History.
  3. On the QuickBooks Synchronisation page, click the Load historical transactions button. Transactions up to one month old can be loaded.
  4. Select the starting date for the changes to be imported from QuickBooks, then click Start Sync.
  5. Once the sync process is completed, all historical changes/documents/transactions from QuickBooks will be loaded into DEAR.

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