Core allows printing shipping labels through shipping services. ShipStation, Shippit, StarShipIT, and Shiptheory all support label printing. Each shipping service integration has slightly different workflows for label printing, we recommend reading the label printing section of each shipping service article for more information. 

Labels can be printed through the Core web portal for simple sales and advanced sales - shipping information and package instructions are entered at the Pack stage while shipping label is generated at the Ship stage of the sale order. Label printing is also available through the Core WMS app. 

The Generate Shipping Label button can be found on the Ship tab of the sale order. 

NOTE: It is possible to consolidate multiple boxes/packages into a single package/consignment with Shippit and StarShipIT. Shiptheory and Shipstation do not currrently support this via their API. 

NOTE: Shipping Labels are generated from the default shipping service for your organisation in Core. If you have more than one shipping service connected, you will need to set one as default from the shipping service integration page. 

The sale process remains the same as a normal simple or advanced sale as far as the Pack tab, which must be filled in and authorised. 

From here, click the Shipping Instructions sub-tab. This sub-tab is for shipping information that applies all packages. Click Enter Shipping instructions to open a pop-up window. The pop up window is dynamically generated according to the connected shipping service. Enter the information and save your changes.

This will add the shipping instructions to the display. Click To Package Information to continue.

 This sub-tab is for entering package dimensions for all packages within a sale order. Click Enter package details to open a pop-up window.  This allows you to consolidate multiple boxes into a single package or shipment (for Shippit and StarShipIT). The pop up window is dynamically generated according to the connected shipping service. Select which boxes to include and enter the weight and dimensions. Save your changes.

This will add the shipment to the display. Continue to the Ship tab.

On the Ship tab, press Copy from Pack to enter the package details and select your Carrier. Click Generate Shipping Label to send package information and shipping instructions to the shipping service provider and generate the shipping label. Shiptheory and Shipstation will generate individual labels for each package, while Shippit and Starshipit can generate a single label for the consolidated shipment.

The carrier info, including the tracking number, will then be automatically entered into the Ship tab. The Shipping Label will be generated automatically via PDF. You can also print the label by selecting the shipment from the list. 

If Core receives an error during shipping label generation, an error message will appear with a downloadable .txt file with the error data. If the error is unexpected, the user will also see an email dialog box with attached error data log file which can be sent to the shipping service provider customer support.   

NOTE: The template used to print the shipping label is generated on shipping service side. Core just downloads the pdf from their API, it is not possible to change the shipping label template through Core

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