Pole displays are a common method of displaying POS checkout information. This article explains the capabilities and limitations of the DEAR POS application regarding displaying checkout information on another display, second monitor or pole. 


The Android version of DEAR POS mobile application supports printing of checkout content onto a second monitor connected to the Android device. 

NOTE: iOS version of DEAR POS does not support second monitor display. 

DEAR POS automatically detects if there is more than one monitor in the system and will display checkout information on the second monitor. If more than two monitors are attached, checkout will be shown on the second monitor in the monitor list. 

Simple textual pole monitors are not supported, however, if the pole monitor can act as a second graphical monitor for the android device, it seems to be supported. This will depend on the hardware of the second display/monitor/pole and not DEAR settings, you may need to check with your hardware manufacturer. 

There are no settings in DEAR or DEAR POS that can change whether the checkout information is displayed, or what information is displayed. 

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