Prospect is a new type of Stock-Aware CRM that's specifically designed for growing Wholesale, Distributor and Manufacturing businesses that sell physical products B2B. Prospect CRM integrates product, inventory and customer sales data, to streamline your B2B sales processes. 

See Prospect CRM's documentation for DEAR


  • DEAR account (Free trial is sufficient)
  • Prospect account (Free trial is sufficient)
  • Users will need the Settings: DEAR API Setup permission in order to connect Prospect CRM.

Table of Contents

Basic Information

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DEAR pushes this information to Prospect CRM:

  • Currencies
  • Tax Rules
  • Locations
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Products and Inventory
  • Orders, Invoices, Credits

Prospect CRM pushes this information to DEAR:

  • New Sales
  • New Products (feature coming soon)
  • New Customers (feature coming soon)

Connect DEAR to Prospect CRM

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Login to Prospect, and follow the wizard to connect to your accounting system and inventory management system. 

In the Welcome page within your Free Trial account, the first section is Getting Started. Click the Configure Now button to begin. 

If the Welcome page isn't already open, then go to or click the icon in the top right of the screen - it's a tick/setup-tasks icon, as shown in the video below.

In the pop up, select DEAR Inventory from the drop-down list, then click 'Next'.

Once you've pasted the ID and Key into the fields in the CRM, press the blue Next button. Once connected, you'll then see a message saying that your data is being processed. Depending on how much data you have to import this process can take a short while to complete e.g. if you have lots of customers, products and sales history, it'll take a little longer. 

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