Lokad provides forecasting technology that is uniquely suitable for supply chain optimisation. Lokad delivers probabilistic forecasts, the most effective statistical method for dealing with erratic or intermittent demand.

Decide when to reorder and how much to reorder. Decide when to produce more or when to liquidate. Decide how to re-balance stocks between locations. Lokad provide an end-to-end solution that accounts for every demand pattern and every constraint that applies to your supply chain.

You can connect DEAR as a data source in Lokad, or alternatively export your data from DEAR directly as a zip file which you can then upload into Lokad. 


  • Users will need the Settings: DEAR API Setup permission to generate API keys from DEAR.

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Basic Information

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Lokad's data retrieval logic is read-only: your Dear Systems data will not be modified in any way by Lokad. 

  • In the future, if Lokad were to add write capabilities for Dear Systems, it will be made very explicit whenever you are about to change anything within Dear Systems.

In addition, your company remains the sole owner of your data; by default, Lokad treats this data as if an NDA was in place between your company and Lokad; if you want an actual NDA to be signed, please contact Lokad directly. 

Lokad retrieves extensive data from DEAR which include:

  • The complete catalogue with the stock on hand, the stock on order, the sell price, the buy price.
  • The purchase process with the purchase orders, quantity, the unit price, the delivery date, the supplier, the status etc.
  • The sale process with the sale orders, quantity, the unit price, the client etc.
  • The manufacturing process with the product bill of materials (BOM).
  • The price lists with the variant, the price and the name of the price list.
  • All data are aggregated per product and per warehouse. 

See the Lokad technical documentation for a full list of data tables retrieved. 

Connect Lokad to DEAR

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DEAR Systems is natively supported by Lokad and can be integrated with your Lokad account. You will first need to generate an API channel in DEAR.

NOTE: Two free external integrations are available under DEAR's standard subscription plan. If you already have two integrations, you may first need to purchase licenses for the additional external integrations under the My Subscription page.

You can also export DEAR data to Lokad directly, which does not require an API channel to be generated.

  1. Get your DEAR Account ID and DEAR API Application Key by navigating to Integrations → API in DEAR. 
  2. On the API Integration page, click the + icon on the top right, enter a name for the API (for easy identification, you might want to use Lokad as the API name), and click Create button to generate an API channel.
  3. DEAR then creates the API Account ID and Key under the Setup tab of the API Integration page. You will need both pieces of information to connect DEAR to Lokad.
  4. Click Save
  5. Log into your Lokad account, and click on the Connect data source button at the bottom of the Project page.
  6. Choose DEAR Systems among the proposed integrations options
  7. Insert the DEAR Account ID and Key that you just generated. 
  8. The last step will redirect you to your Lokad account, where the project DearSystems data source will have been created.

Export data from DEAR

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Alternatively, you can export product, sale order and purchase order data directly to Lokad. This method does not require you to generate an API channel. 

  1. In DEAR, navigate to Integrations → Lokad. 
  2. Enter the date range and price tier you wish to export data for.
  3. Click Export to download the data as a zip file.
  4. In your Lokad account, select the Files tab. You can browse through the files contained in your account.
  5. Click Upload Files to upload the data downloaded from DEAR.

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