• Hi All 
    WooCommerce integration is under QA testing now. Initial release will include the following: 
    - Download products from WooCommerce to DEAR. Link between products in WooCommerce and DEAR will be established. 
    - List your DEAR products in WooCommerce. 
    - Each sale order in WooCommerce will be placed into pending orders section in DEAR and will allocate stock immediately. 
    - Every hour pending orders in DEAR will be converted into sale tasks according to consolidation option selected. 
    - All stock level changes will be automatically pushed to WooCommerce (optional) or can be manually triggered in bulk operation. 
    - Each product variation in WooCommerce must have unique SKU. 
    - Initial Load of Products from WooCommerce does not import current Stock Quantities. Ensure you have correct Stock Quantities in DEAR Inventory before turning on "Update Stock levels" in WooCommerce

    Since variety of versions for combination server/wordpress/woocommerce we are trying now to identify the minimum requirement to all these components

    DEAR support

  • Great to hear that this is nearly ready :-)


  • Great news. Any time frames on release ?

    You need any more testers ?

  • Is there an update on a release date?

  • why when loading making products live on Woocommerce does the page always refresh to page 1, this is infuriating when there are many pages of products.. can it not just refresh the page or alternatively allow for multiple postings?


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