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You can start off small (besides the overhead for authentication) by having just read access to your main objects like Order and Product. This simple read-only access would allow people to extend their system by adding functionality that you would not (nor should not) add. 
We would pull orders for custom commission payments calculations, place shipping addresses on Google Maps API, and pull product pricing for template documents for private intranet sites. 
Later, write access to credits would be a huge win. We can type in an order number in a custom web app that pull the order form Dear, shows the remaining balance, and the sales person can type in the credit card information which would go to a 3rd party cc processor (like and then write a credit record back to Dear. This way you can open up CC payments without having to code it.

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  • API V2 has been released. You can have a look at full list of available endpoints here:

    It includes endpoint for payments.

  • Do you have any plans to add API access for assemblies?

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  • Can you please add attachments to the API?

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  • Also purchases?

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  • Not really sure where the best place is to add new features, or upvote Daniel's but seems like Daniel and my client have the exact same requirement

  • I did also create one earlier as, but I've linked back to here

  • Are there any developers here that would be available for hire on some small DEAR API development projects? You can drop me a note at  cspiller at-symbol maddoxtransformer period-stop com.

  • hey, i'm loving this API, but The rate limit is pretty extreme. Could we get more wiggle room on our API Calls/hour? Could this become calls/.25 hour? I'm hoping to use the API to automate some web order stuff, but I'm a little worried we'll have trouble if we're rate limited that hard.

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  • Same question as David - is it possible to request higher rate limits? I could specify an allowed IP address for our company.

  • Hey,

    Do any of you happen to know of any developers in the UK??

    We are currently setting up dear and need some programming completing via the API into our 3PL's systems.

    Many thanks,


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  • @Cheryl: Timothy Solomon has helped me with some projects... I'm in the US and he's in South Africa... so he's at least close to your time zone. 

    Probably no reason you need someone in the UK unless you have regulatory requirements?

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  • ... and I forgot to include a link to Timothy Solomon's contact info:

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  • Thanks Camden really appreciated will check him out :)

  • Thanks Camden. Cheryl I would be happy to help, I have done a number of integrations with other systems and have figured out how to work around some of the restrictions of the API ;)

    You can mail me at

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