Have an "Items on Backorder" section on the Invoice

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Rather than stating what items are backordered on a separate document that also needs to be emailed to the client 
Having a table on the Invoice stating what items have been placed on backorder would eliminate an extra step in the process

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  • I really need this and am going to leave Unleashed in search for this feature. Does anyone know if this is yet able to be done in DEAR?

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  • This is already function I'm fairly sure. See attached example invoice. Happy to chat if you want more examples (we are a DEAR setup partner) -

  • That said, we'd love this to go further and be included on the original invoice even if the order is split. This doesn't currently happen.

    i.e. customer orders 2 x nuts and 3 x bolts. 2 x nuts are shipped and 3x bolts put on a split order.

    Invoice should show the 2x nuts and then in another section, backordered 3x bolts

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  • We've found that you can either split into 2 sales BO and Inv... 


     have them both mixed into the one sale.....very confusing.

    What we'd like to see is the backordered items on the same sale as the invoiced items, but at the bottom of the invoice in a separate section.... 


    When stock items are held for a customer until back ordered items come in we'd like to be able to link the original invoiced items and back ordered items up together again in the same transaction once once the back order is filled......not have 2 seperate invoices for what was originally one sale.

    Dear..... is this currently possible?

    Are you working on it?

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  • HI All,

    Thank you for your suggestions here and once again thank you for your patience. We will begin work on this feature as part of our multi stage fulfillment per invoice enhancement. I will update this thread once development time frames are in place.

    Thank you

    DEAR Support 

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  • Hi Simon, Are you working on an "Invoice First" option as part of the upgrade? Sure would save us a lot of time if we could go straight to the invoice stage, modify it as required, hold the stock until it's paid, and then pick, pack and send it! Cheers Duncan
  • I talked to the founder of Unleashed last week. They also get this feedback since Unleashed has the same weakness. Hopefully the magical power of competition will work. 

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  • Amazing that these platform that are so advanced in some ways are so behind in others.

    Sure is an eye opener for somebody who's been on MYOB for ever....

    It's a mistake to assume that the basic functionality you'd expect will be there when you start to use a new platform!

  • Please add a column showing which lines are on back order when making out a sale - not simply the whole document.

  • The printed invoice (template) can be customized to flag lines that are on back order. I can find no way to view this when making out the sale however.

  • 'Multiple fulfillments' is Planned for 15/03/2016 (which means it is late) and it will offer "Multiple pick, pack and ship tasks for single sales invoice/order". I assume this will involve a new table structure since this logic can only work if there is a connection between the original order quantity and what has been shipped so far; hopefully it will help with many aspects of backorder communication to customers. 

  • Bump. This is really a horrible gap, the only part of Dear which embarrasses me when recommending it or training for it.

  • I vote for this, but it's just one vote. What about the clients we lose because of this? It's hard to make lost clients visible in this forum, but I'm pretty sure (90%) I'm going to lose my second one ('lost' as in after Dear evaluation, they will not proceed and this is the only showstopper they have). Such a shame. Personally, I'm writing a query to at least provide some visibility because I'm a bit over this problem. 

  • HI All,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    We recently introduced some enhancements to existing functionality, a new table was created to show backordered items on a customer invoice. Please note at this stage it does not cover all possible scenarios.

    The following is covered:

    1. All items on order are invoiced however the order is only partially shipped (supported in both Standard and Advanced Sale modules). The backorder column on invoice lines will show items on backorder.

    2. Only items being shipped are invoiced (supported only in Standard Sale module via Split Order option at both Order and Pick stages). Newly created table will need to be added to your invoice template in order to show backordered items which are on the split order).

    We are working on further enhancements to the Advanced Sale module to allow backordered items to show in a separate table on customer invoice.

    If your scenario is covered by existing functionality we would be glad to help you modify your invoice templates to include backordered items. If your scenario is not currently covered we ask you to please wait a little longer while we enhance the new sale module.

    Happy to discuss this with anyone in person via a phone or skype call.

    Thank you

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