Magento: send shipping as a 'Product/Service' in Dear

started a topic about 9 years ago

 We have several different carriers that are set up in Magento. e.g:

- Courier

- Post office

- Haulage

When a customer makes an order the amount just get sent into Dear as 'shipping cost'.

We have the equivalent carriers also set up in Dear as 'service' inventory items. Currently we have to manually change the 'shipping cost' line on the Invoice to the correct carrier.

It would be great if the Dear / Magento integration could send the carrier details so we don't have to manually edit every order.

  • This appears to have been implemented - thank you.

    However there is an issue with Shipping lines from Magento not honoring the Tax Rule or Account that is set up in Dear for the shipping item.

    This causes problems for accounting and Sales Tax reporting and requires a manual edit of every order coming from Magento.

    I've posted support tickets re this. Hopefully a fix is possible.

  • For anyone looking to get shipping 'services' to work correctly between Magento and Dear, make sure that the 'service' item product names and SKU's are both identical and exactly match what comes in from Magento. They will then honour Tax Rule and Account that you set in Dear for these items.

    This is a great improvement  as we no longer need to manually edit the shipping details for orders coming from Magento.

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