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I'd like to be able to search by tracking number in the sales list view. This came up for me because I received an inquiry from our freight company about a shipment. They have the tracking number, but obviously not the order or invoice information. 

Right now, I'm searching through all the shipments made to that customer recently, but it sure would be nice to type in one number and go straight to the correct sale. 

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  • I need to search by tracking number to see all the orders that have gone in one courier bag . 

    I have tried to search all orders  by tracking number but it doesnt work



    Amir Jerome

    said 28 minutes ago

    Hi John Gill,

    Unfortunately this functionality is not currently available, please leave a suggestion in our forum and we will consider it for implementation in one of the upcoming releases.



    To access this URL first time users need to click on 'forgot your password?' link on portal login page


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4 people like this idea
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