Enable Bulk Emailing for invoice in advanced sales

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We have a client that is really wanting to utilise the bulk email function, but unfortunately, due to their sale process are required to use Advanced Sales for multiple fulfilments and invoicing.

This is causing an issue as Bulk Emails for Advanced Sales currently doesn't support Fulfilment or Invoice documents.

So please enable bulk e-mail for invoice in advanced sales.



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  • Yes, needed feature

    Does anyone still use Simple Sale by default?
    Advanced Sale should be the new default/normal.

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  • Automatic fulfilment of partial shipments needs some policy settings around additional charges. It's possible to use the automation module to create invoices triggered by a shipment ... but it doesn't pick up additional charges, such as shipping.

    This means it is not actually a very useful solution, unfortunately. 

    And you can do bulk actions from the Fulfilment view, for advanced orders, which means filtering on fulfilment status is not an invoicing tool. 

    In reaction, I have written a custom app which automatically invoices partial shipments (part of a 3PL module) and which provides a bulk invoice screen (it is not very well proven yet). It is a surprisingly complicated problem if you want to support the general case. Additional charges was one of the complications. I just invoice the total-to-date gap between shipped and invoiced so far, rather than linking a new invoice to a particular fulfilment; Dear would probably need to be smarter. 
     But something is needed, because it is very tedious to discover uninvoiced shipments if you have any kind of order volume combined with partial fulfilments.

    Note that it is also worth triggering invoicing on shipments which have tracking numbers, since this means the goods are actually on the way, this may be important if you are using a 3PL. Dear's sales views don't make this easy either.

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2 people like this idea
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