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We have a range of different sales from different areas of our business and we would love to have the ability to filter these sales in to individual views with customisable tabs next to the General, Accounting and Fulfilment Tabs. At the moment, the sales view can become very cluttered with sales from completely different sales channels considering we have over 15,000 online customers and 1500 Wholesale customers.

For example, we would love to be able to Filter Online Sales, POS Sales, Wholesale Sales etc in to individual views to provide greater clarity. 

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  • Agreed. Custom filters are badly needed.
  • Desperately needed. The drop down standard filters are not helpful, and difficult to understand. To select a 'new filter' tab, set some specific filter parameters, then save the tab if it's used often would increase accuracy and response to orders with issues exponentially.

  • We have the same problem!!! Urgently needed feature!

     We would love to be able to filter sales orders via stages like in Cin7. As you can see in the screenshot below our orders can be filtered out according to what sales channel they came from as well as what stage of the process they are. The channels ticked in the screenshots correspond to relevant sales channels (eg. Shopify, Shopify wholesale, The Iconic, Distributors)Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 11.38.39 am.png

  • Same need filtering improved ASAP

  • Maybe this could be filtered by custom metrics that users could set up the filter in the reference books instead of DEAR pre-defining it. But it's a very important feature, sometimes people would like to find specific sales orders from a channel but who remembers every order numbers....

  • Agree on this one. It would be nice to have the filter on the per column fields as well, instead of having an option to sort it out only.

  • Thank you for your suggestion.

    This is planned for 2023 roadmap.


    Sayali Yevale | Cin 7 Core Product Team

  • Hi,

    Do you have a firmer date for when Cin7 will have improved MI function to enable us to differentiate between sales channels? I just watched the 'Cin7 + Accountfully's' webinar in which it was stated how important it was to be able to report on and track by sales channel and yet none of the core Cin7 reports have sales channel as an available attribute, so it's impossible to do that. There isn't even the facility to export the data so we cannot write our own reports outside of Cin7 Core.

    Many thanks, Mark

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13 people like this idea
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