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 We would love to be able to filter sales orders via stages like in Cin7. As you can see in the screenshot below our orders can be filtered out according to what sales channel they came from as well as what stage of the process they are. The channels ticked in the screenshots correspond to relevant sales channels (eg. Shopify, Shopify wholesale, The Iconic, Distributors)Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 11.38.39 am.png

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  • Hi Tanguy,

    Totally agree with you! the filter function is really important for wholesale business. currently we're not able to bulk invoice under status. We invoice customer after goods fulfilment however, you're not allow to bulk invoice under fulfilment tab instead you can only bulk invoice under 'general view'. The ironic thing is under general view the order shows as 'ordered' not 'fulfilled'.... hence bulk invoice is not really working.... 

    Really hope Dear looks into this. something like below would help so much! 


  • This feature is easy to implement. the headers in most lists should be available to filter (the same as you can already do in reports) 

  • Thank you for your suggestion.

    This is planned for 2023 roadmap.


    Sayali Yevale | Cin 7 Core Product Team

  • Hi, is there any update on when this will be rolled out in 2023?  This is an important feature for our company and without it we are struggling to make Dear Sales usable.  At the very least we need an additional default filter "All Sales but VOIDED, COMPLETED AND INVOICED"  This will take out many sales that are showing that haven't been paid yet but we don't need to action anything on these Sales.

    We await your soonest update.

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5 people like this idea
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