Q: We're wondering if there's a way to send customers an invoice from DEAR with a link to process the invoice via credit cards? Perhaps through PayPal? 

A: Yes, DEAR has both PayPal and Stripe as payment processors. For more details, see How to pay with Stripe and PayPal.

Q: I want to create an invoice that when I email out we can provide a link to pay via credit card or PayPal.  Can you please advise us on how to do that? Also, I'm looking to set up a generic email that, when sent to customers, displays the invoice amount and also addresses the email to the appropriate contact.  Can you also advise me on how to do that?

A: You will need to add mail merge fields to your invoice, depending on the payment processor used, which would be either PayPal or Stripe. Here's a guide to help you understand how to edit email templates: Email Templates and Emailing Suppliers/Customers.

Q: We're in the process of evaluating your software. Please advise if it has the ability to integrate with PayPal.

A: Thank you for your interest in DEAR Inventory. You can use either PayPal or Stripe, or even both, as payment processors with our software.

Q: I would like to account for an expense (bank and merchant account fees) on an invoice, as this is a portion expense to PayPal. How can I select the bank and merchant account as an option on our invoice, as this account does not show as an option?

A: You are right, expense accounts are not available on the invoice. You can create a new income account, say, Bank Fees Income, and then make a manual adjustment monthly to transfer the amount to the expense account.

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