Manual journals can be used for any transaction the accountant wishes to post directly to the General Ledger. For example, additional costs other than the landing costs of sold inventory belong in a manual journal. You can add a manual journal in DEAR, save it as a draft or authorise it for posting to the general ledger and edit it if required. Manual Journals can be linked to a specific operation (sale, purchase, inventory, etc.) or a standalone journal entry. 

Manual Journals are always processed in your base currency. 

NOTE: If you are using Xero as your accounting system, this function will not be available in DEAR. In this case, you can manage your manual journals through your accounting system.


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Add a Manual Journal to an operation

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Manual Journals can be added to DEAR operations such as sale, purchase, inventory, etc. Each operation has a Manual Journals tab where they can be added. 

NOTE: Sale/purchase invoices must be authorised, and inventory/production actions must be completed before a manual journal can be added. 

To add a Manual Journal to an operation:

  1. Go to the operation you wish to add a manual journal to. 
  2. Enter the Date the transaction occurs.
  3. Click or Add more items to add line items to the journal. Lines require a Description, Amount, and Accounts to be debited/credited.

Create a standalone Manual Journal

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Manual journals can also be created that are not linked to any particular transaction or operation. To enter a new Manual Journal:

  1. Go to Financials → New → Journal.
  2. In the Narration field, enter the title or purpose of the journal entry. Keep narrations clear and specific.
  3. Enter the Date the transaction occurs.
  4. Click or Add more items to add line items to the journal. Lines require a Description, Amount, and Accounts to be debited/credited.
  1. Once the journal entry has been authorised, supporting images/documents can be attached to the Manual Journal from the Attachments tab if required.
  1. Authorised journals will display under Financials → Journals.

NOTE: Journals should show up on the Sales by Product Details report unless the line total is 0, in which case the journal value will also be 0.

Clone a manual journal

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Manual journal entries can be cloned for easier input of repeated or regular journal entries. Only standalone manual journals can be cloned, not manual journals added to another task (sale, purchases, production, etc.)

Go to Financials → Journals and select the manual journal to clone. Click Clone to create a draft journal with the same details. Fields can be edited before saving or authorising the journal. 

View Activity Logs

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Activity Logs show changes made to journals (including creation, edits and voids) and identify which user performed each action. They can be viewed in the Activity Logs tab of each journal entry

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