Credit notes function as negative invoices. Credit note balances for a customer can be used to close out outstanding invoices. Credit notes applied as part payment in Xero and QBO will be synced to DEAR and vice versa. 

For more information on purchase invoices, see Applying Credit Notes as Part Payment - Purchases


  • Familiarity with Processing a Sale (necessary).
  • Familiarity with Credit Notes (necessary). 
  • Users will need the Sale Task – Invoice & Credit Note view and Sale Task – Invoice & Credit Note authorisation permissions to use this feature. 

NOTE: The customer must have a credit note balance in order to allocate credit note balance to an invoice. Any available credit note balance from any other sale or standalone credit note can be used. 

  1. Navigate to Sale → Sales and select the sale order which needs to be closed and go to the Invoice tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the Payment section and click Allocate Credit Note.
  3. This will open a popup window where you can see all outstanding credit note balances for the sale customer.
  4. Check a credit note to allocate the balance to the invoice. You can click the Allocated field to edit the amount allocated.
  5. Click Add & Save to apply the credit note allocation to the invoice.

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