Q: Sales that have synced in from eBay show the price per item, inclusive of 20% VAT, on the product line. Since it is showing the correct VAT breakdown in the total, it seems we have our tax settings on the eBay Integration page on DEAR set up correctly. However, is there a way to show the amount exclusive of VAT?

A: No, there isn't a way to show the amount exclusive of VAT on the product line. This is because DEAR gets those figures directly from eBay, which pushes the data to us via their API.

Q: I am considering using DEAR for inventory control. Please can you give me links to information about how DEAR interfaces with eBay?
A: To get an idea of how DEAR integrates with eBay, check out our eBay Integration KB article. For a complete list of e-Commerce, Point-of-Sales, and other systems that DEAR can integrate with, click here.

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