System reminders on pending tasks that require your immediate attention can be set up so that you can be reminded about them as soon as you log in to DEAR. These appear in the Reminders portlet on your dashboard. Clicking a Reminder in the portlet takes you to a page with more detail, where you can take action as necessary (e.g. follow up on outstanding payments or obtain management approval). Reminders are a function of the Automation module in DEAR.

NOTE: Access to the Automation module requires adding a subscription to the module to your DEAR Inventory paid plan. See Adding Trials of the POS, B2B, API and Automation Modules to Paid Plans for more information.


  • Purchase Automation module subscription (required)

To set up a reminder:

  1. Navigate to Settings Automation Notifications.
  2. Click Reminders.
  3. On the Reminders page, select a reminder from the predefined list, then toggle it On.

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