Barcode images can be inserted into document templates and printed in DEAR documents provided you have an appropriate barcode font. The default DEAR templates with barcodes are already formatted with the correct barcode font. 

NOTE: This applies to documents printed from the DEAR web portal, not DEAR POS. DEAR POS templates support a range of different barcode fields that can be inserted into POS templates without the need for a barcode font. Please see POS MailMerge Fields for DEAR Templates for more information. 


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Adding a barcode to a product

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Enter a barcode for a product by going to Inventory → Products → [select product], on the General tab. 

Adding a barcode to a product label document template

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When adding a barcode mailmerge field into the document, make sure the barcode field is formatted with font Code128 or font IDAutomationHC39M. If this font is not available in your word processing software, you may need to buy or download the font, or copy a correctly formatted mergefield from another DEAR document template. The following default templates (download them from Settings → Document & email templates) have correctly formatted barcode mergefields:

  • Product Label (Purchase)
  • Product Label (Finished Goods)
  • Product Label (Disassembly)
  • Product Label (Inventory Adjustment)

When using font IDAutomationHC39M you will need to add "*" before and after the field, like so: *«Barcode»*. This instructs the barcode scanner where the barcode image starts and ends. When using font Code128, you can simply use «Barcode».

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