EzzyBills is an invoice data scanning application which automatically extracts invoice data, including line items. Invoices can be uploaded to EzzyBills via email, direct file upload, and via the EzzyBills scanning app. This saves time and reduces errors compared to manual data entry, provides a built in digital paper trail, and allows for paperless automation of common processes such as reconciliation, invoice approval and expense claims. 

See the EzzyBills documentation for further information. 


  • Setup an EzzyBills trial account, make sure to choose Integrate with DEAR
  • Users will need the Settings: DEAR API Setup permission to generate API keys from DEAR.
  • EzzyBills requires an API license to connect. Cin7 Core API licenses can be added to your subscription from the My subscription page.

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Connect EzzyBills and DEAR

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You will need to create an API application in DEAR and copy the details to EzzyBills in order to integrate the two. 

NOTE: Two free external integrations are available under DEAR's standard subscription plan. If you already have two integrations, you may first need to purchase licenses for the additional external integrations under the My Subscription page.

  1. In DEAR, navigate to Integrations → DEAR API.
  2. On the API Integration page, click the + icon on the top right, enter a name for the API (for easy identification, you might want to use EzzyBills as the API name), and click Create button to generate an API channel.
  3. DEAR then creates the API Account ID and Key under the Setup tab of the API Integration page. You will need both pieces of information to connect DEAR to Pencil.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Login to EzzyBills, and click the top menu Apps. Click the icon for DEAR.
  6. Add the Dear Application ID and Dear Key in the text boxes.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Now you have connected EzzyBills to DEAR. Congratulations!

Import Supplier Invoices into DEAR

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After the connection has been set up, you can start to upload supplier’s invoices to EzzyBills via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app

  1. EzzyBills will extract the PO number from the invoice, and look for the PO in DEAR with the matching PO number. If a match PO is not found in DEAR, please follow this linkhere to rectify.
    • You will receive an automatic email notification if a PO match has not been found. 
  2. After the match PO is found in DEAR for the invoice, and the PO is Authorised, EzzyBills try to match each bill line with a PO line.
    • If a Bill line does not exist on the PO (such as a freight charge), then the line be added as an Additional Cost.
  3. The source document will then be attached to the PO.
  4. Next, Authorise the invoice in DEAR
  5. Once you receive the stocks in your warehouse, you then click Add Stock Receiving, then Copy From Invoice. Edit the lines to verify the received items and click Authorise.
  6. If all stocks are received, then the PO status will change to Received by DEAR automatically. Steps 4-6 can be automated by EzzyBills. If you need this, please contact us at

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