Some of our users need to determine how much sales commission to pay their sales representatives based on value of product's sold. This article explains how to specify what percentage of sales commission a sales rep will earn, and how to view the total commission amount to pay out. 


  • Reference Books - Company Contacts
  • Users will need the following permissions:
    • Users will need the Settings  → Your Company - Contact Information permission to specify sales commission percentage for a sales rep
    • Users will need the Sales Reporting permission in order to view sales commission. 

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Specify Sales Commission % for a Sales Rep

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Sales Commission % is specified in your Company Contacts. Changing the Sales Commission % will apply the change to all sales commission calculations. 

  1. Go to Settings → Reference Books → Company Contact
  2. In the Sales Commission % field, enter an integer between 0-100. 
  3. Save your changes. 

View Sales Commission

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You can view how much commission a sales representative has earned by checking the Profit by Sales Representative report. The Data header, Commission Amount, will display the sales representative's Sale Commission % for each sale. Sale Commission % is applied to the sale total including tax. 

The Profit by Sales Representative report will show both the total commission amount to pay to a sales rep for the specified date range, as well as the total commission to pay out to all sales reps. 

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