Some countries require the customer tax number to be printed on a customer's receipt, for example in order to claim VAT. Users can enter and edit a customer's tax number from the DEAR POS application. Users can also add Customer Tax Number to the POS Receipt template. 

We have included a sample receipt template with the tax number included that you can upload into DEAR. 


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Enter/edit customer tax number

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A customer's tax number can be entered and edited either through the DEAR web portal or the DEAR POS application. The customer record must be entered before it can be printed to a POS receipt. 

In DEAR web portal

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In the DEAR web portal, you will need to go to the General tab of a customer's record (Sale → Customers/Credits → [select customer]) to enter or edit their tax number.


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In the DEAR POS application, tax number can be entered or edited from a customer's record (Customers → [select customer]or Add new customer), or added when adding a customer during a sale. 

Add customer tax number to POS receipt template

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Add the customer tax number to the POS receipt that will be printed for your customers. 

  1. In Settings → Document & Email templates → POS, download the Receipt template.
  2. Scroll down until you see <<TableStart:Customer>> - this is the correct parent table.
  3. Copy an existing field such as Customer: <<CustomerName>> to the location you want your new field to be. 
  4. Show the field code either by right-clicking the field and selecting Toggle Field Code or using Alt + F9 for Windows, Option + F9 for Mac.
  5. Replace the CustomerName field with TaxNumber field (Field codes are available in MailMerge fields for DEAR POS templates).
  6. Right-click the changed field and select Update Field to show your changes.
  7. You can see the TaxNumber field has been added successfully.
  8. Save the edited template and upload. 

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