Sales Orders can be authorised even if there is not enough inventory in stock to fulfil them. An error message will be displayed, and you will be prompted to choose either Split Order, Backorder, or to create a Purchase order. 


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Split order

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When a sale order is authorised and there is enough inventory to partially fulfill the order, the user will be able to split the order. Selecting Split Order will cause a new Sale Order to be automatically generated. The original Sale Order will be amended, so the item quantity reflects the amount in stock. This authorised Sale Order can be fulfilled and invoiced immediately. 

A second authorised Sale Order with the remaining item quantity will be created. This can be fulfilled and invoiced when the item comes back into stock. The outstanding item quantity will backordered. 

Backorder out of stock items

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When a sale order is authorised and there is not enough inventory to fulfill the order, the user can choose to Backorder the entire sale order quantity. 

See Backorders and Split Orders for detailed instructions. 

Create a purchase order

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When authorising the sale, the system checks if there is enough stock available to complete the order. If not enough stock is available, the user can choose to backorder, create a purchase order for the out of stock items, or create a purchase order for the entire order. Select Backorder then Create Purchase Order and select For backordered or For whole sale. This will open a new purchase order containing the sale order products and quantities required.

The document header and supplier will be blank and must be filled in by the user. Product quantities can be edited and product lines removed. Authorising the purchase order will authorise the sale order, any products not included in the purchase order can be backordered if required at this stage. The purchase order will appear in the Related Orders tab of the sale order and vice versa. 

NOTE: Purchase orders can be created for a single supplier only. To order products from further suppliers, use the backorder feature for the remaining products. 

Creation of purchase order from sale order is not applicable for:

  • Production Order BOM products, Make to Order products, Family BOM products
  • Assembly BOM products and Auto-Assembly BOM products, picking for kitting BOM products. 
  • Purchase order authorisation does not hard allocate the purchased products to the sale order. When products are received, they can be picked by other sales.

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