DEAR offers fine-grained control over user permissions, allowing you to select which users can see tasks, authorise tasks, authorise pick but not pack, and more. Permissions applied in DEAR also apply to users of the WMS app. In this article we will explain which permissions apply to the warehouse management system application features. 


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Permissions applicable to WMS

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Many inventory, purchase, and sale permissions apply to the WMS application in the same way as to users of DEAR. Please see Managing users and roles and User permissions explained for how to configure user permissions. 

WMS Area
ActionPermissions required:
Working Area
Set working areaLocation (Only users with access to a location will see this location as an option when setting the working area)
PickPick stock for salesSale - Sales list and tasks (full access)

Sale - Sale task – Pick authorization (full access)
PackPack salesSale - Sales list and tasks (full access)

Sale - Sale task – Pack authorization (full access)
ReceiveReceive - With POPurchase - Purchases list and tasks (full access)

Purchase - Purchase task -Stock received authorization (full access)
Receive - No POPurchase - Purchase task – Stock received authorization (full access)
Put AwayPut AwayInventory - Stock transfers list and tasks (full access)

Inventory - Stocktake tasks (full access)

Stock LookupLook up stock availability

Inventory - Product availability (full-access)

Stock TransferView stock transfersInventory - Stock transfers list and tasks (read-only)
Execute stock transfer (by order, from location, to location, bin transfer)Inventory - Stock transfers list and tasks (full access)
Void stock transferInventory - Stock transfers - void (full access)
Undo stock transferInventory - Stock transfers - undo (full access)
Write offInventory write-off
Production - Inventory write-off tasks (full access)
Delivery scheduleView and execute deliveriesTasks - Can view only assigned tasks (full access)
Print LabelsPrint labels if barcode is availableInventory - Products and Families (full access)

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