The Walmart Developer Portal provides Delegated access authorization to allow partners to create separate API keys and credentials for each solution provider (Cin7 Core). Delegated access allows sellers to manage solution providers API keys and provide access permission granularly per service (e.g. items set up, or manage orders). We recommend that you use delegated access to maintain security of your API key.

The benefits of delegated access include:

  • Allows sellers to define endpoints the solution providers can access.
  • Lets you monitor the status of all solution providers.
  • Allows sellers to revoke access of a specific solution provider.
  • Allows sellers to change the API secret of a solution provider that will only affect that user’s integrations.

Create an API key for a solution provider

You do not need to give Cin7 Core your API keys directly. You can delegate access to a solution provider, creating a separate Client ID and Client secret to maintain your account security. This takes place via the Walmart Developer Portal. 

NOTE: Make sure to have a copy of your inventory and items from Walmart while providing full access to inventory, this allows for a back up in case of emergencies. 

  1. Click My Account to log into the Developer Portal.
  2. Click Add New Key For A Solution Provider to set permissions for the provider to generate a Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. Select Cin7 from the drop-down list.
  4. Next, configure permissions for the solution provider. Please refer below for the set up required for Cin7. (By default these would be NoAccess)
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client secret to use when integrating from Cin7 Core (DEAR) to Walmart

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