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Hi there; One of the things that lets dear pos down the most is the slow login screen and the inability to use a simple pass code or pin to sign into pos and or change user. With multiple employees; a site needs to be able to allow staff to switch between salespersons easily and quickly and also log into the sales screen efficiently. It’s current lack of this and clunky interface is forcing my staff to the boh where they create the invoice manually in dear inventory (BOH) Please address this ASAP

Also - we bought dear on as we were told we would be able to look up sales dockets (created in back end) and recall them in the POS for payment - specific to our business, a repair invoice that is created in back end to be brought up in POS for collection and payment) - dear still can't handle this and it NEEDS to be a feature.. 

Many thanks.

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  • Some additional feature requests for POS: - POS Receipt template: allow all product mergefields in sales line items it is in the sales order template . We only found out by trial and error that the Brand mergefield is excluded ... Why??? - POS needs to be more flexible with how orders are fulfilled.. it needs to allow you to change the fulfillment method at the processing of each sale - you should be able to choose from the following options: Goods taken at POS; Pick up from Warehouse; Lay-by; Ship to Customer (note: it should not ask you to specify fulfillment method on each sale - by default it could be "Goods taken at POS" (or even better: you can select the default fulfillment method in the POS config page) but you should be able to change the fulfillment method on a per sale basis) - Following the above point, unless the fulfillment method is "Goods taken at POS", for any items with batch/serial numbers it should not ask you to enter the batch/serial number at POS checkout.. as the picking process is done by the warehouse and/or at a later date.. i.e you shouldn't be forced to select a serial when the product being purchased is not in front of you. Glad of others comments and additions to this!

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