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Needing a method to manually flag an order and specific line items as backordered.

As of now, the products has to be Out-Of-Stock to trigger the backorder options. There are many incidents when we will short an order when product is in stock (to best manage our inventory allocations). It would be great to have a feature where order line items can be flagged as backordered and left out of the Pick/Pack step.

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  • This function is at least half-implemented in Simple Sales at the moment.

    Now when you authorise an order, even if there is sufficient stock you can omit products from your pick and it will ask if you'd like those items to be split onto a new order for Backorder.

    These items will also display in the Invoice with Backorder template type to indicate to a custom what items from their order have been placed on backorder.

    The significant issue here is when you try and achieve this with a product that is 'partially' in stock.

    When this occurs, regardless of how many items you split off the original SO, the Backorder table will list the quantity of the product not available rather than the full amount backordered.

    So if you had an order for 100 units and you had 20 in stock. You decide that you're going to use that 20 units on other orders and instead raise a Backorder for the full 100 units. The customer will get an invoice that will state that 20 units are on backorder for that product regardless.

    Giving more control to individual backorder conditions in the same way you can use the per product Drop Shipment checkbox would be a huge step forward and potentially enable the backorder table to populate as desired in these scenarios.

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  • This is a critical feature - many of my clients do this and currently I see no other way than a manual workaround by typing in the comments box - which is confusing for customers because they may also be getting a backorder table on the same document.

  • To add to this - we would also need the ability to control/enter the actual quantity that should go on backorder too. One of the use cases is where one of my clients has a SKU that fits 288 on a pallet. Customer orders 2 pallets worth (576 items), but my client only has 350 in stock. They are not going to send 350, but they will send 288 and tell them another pallet will come when they have more stock. In this scenario, we need to be able to say "288" are on Backorder - that needs to be an amount we can control, somehow.

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