inversion of Quantity out field

started a topic almost 4 years ago

I've found there is no way to invert the total Values in reports. I'm trying to gather information on rate of consumption for materials. If the Total amount of product can be a field that can be inverted it would show me which products are moving in the highest amounts in almost any report. 

For instance; if I could get the Out total from the Grand Total Field in the Inventory Movement Summary to show the highest numbers at the top,

That would be Fantastic. 

I think adding in a feature to make the Out Total have the highest value listed from the top; would make it much easier to see which products are moving in the highest volumes.

Thank you for your time.

James Meline

Seattle Pottery Supply

  • if the total quantities are invertable in the Product Availability, Then why are they no in any other report?

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