Sales Document template that shows Qty Ordered, Qty Invoiced and Qty backordered as columns

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One thing lacking in DEAR that one of the legacy systems that our client uses is a document template that shows the Qty Ordered, Qty Invoiced (Considered as delivered)  and Qty Backordered.

This would be an ideal report to provide to their customers.   I have attached a sample invoice.

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  • Agreed. Many clients need the sale invoice to see what is Ordered, Backordered and Delivered all in the one table. They will also not invoice for the backordered items until they have been delivered. Another example attached.

  • 100% agree with the need for this request - it's standard practice for wholesale/distribution around the world.

    There is no need to have a completely separate section on an invoice to display backorders - it's a waste of valuable/limited space on the invoice, and frequently creates a second page (thus wasting paper for those who print copies - think about the tress!!!!!).

    The addition of these columns solves all the issues that we currently experience with DEAR.

    DEAR also needs to allow/accept a 'Fulfilment' of zero '0' for this feature to work.

    Orderd 48 | Supplied/Fulfilled 0 | Backordered 48
    Equation: 48-0=48

    DEAR doesn't currently allow this to happen. It doesn't accept that '0' is also a number and demands that you enter a number of '1 or greater'.

    Please ensure this feature is added/updated ASAP!

  • I can't believe there are only three comments and two likes for this topic.  So I'm feeling pretty disheartened that DEAR will ever take the request seriously. But I have to put my two bits worth in as well in the hope that someone in the development team hears us.

    As others have said, most of us (and our customers) expect to see columns for quantity ORDERED and quantity SUPPLIED/INVOICED side by side on our invoice or delivery docket documents.

    My guess is that to achieve this DEAR would need to bring forward the QTY field from the ORDERED table and include it as a "QTYordered" field in the INVOICELINES table.

  • Hi Everyone!

    It is possible to add the order, invoice and backordered numbers to the template but it will just be in different tables within the same template and this is only supported using simple sale orders. Advanced sale orders do not support pulling data from different tabs, i.e. from Pack tab only data for packed columns can be printed and can not be printed for invoiced tab.

    If you need more info on this, please email to get your template customized accordingly.

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  • By including these columns in your Sales Document template, you can easily track the status of each order and make informed decisions about inventory management and customer service. interior painting contractor fort worth tx

  • Agree, having separate tables is not feasible for large orders. Please consider implementing this feature.

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5 people like this idea
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