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We need a single report which shows the following fields:


Location of each shipment/fulfilment (not the location selected in the Sales Order header, as we often have Sales Orders which are shipped from multiple locations and need to see the location each item was shipped from in order to calculate taxes and levies correctly).




Qty shipped (from individual fulfilments, not a whole order)

Carrier (from Ship tab, not Sales Order header)

Tracking #


Customer Name

Customer Additional Attributes

Product Additional Attributes

Order Additional Attributes

Order Date

Shipment Date (from individual fulfilments, not just the last shipment date present in the Sales Order, which I think is how some reports show this)

Customer Reference


Category (of products)


The closest report available at the moment is the Fulfillment Details Report, which is good because it splits rows into individual fulfilments as we need, however this is currently missing the fields "Unit", and "Bin", and the Location shown in the rows of the report is currently pulled from the Sales Order header, not the individual fulfillments, which is what we need. Could this report be updated to include these three additional pieces of information, or a new report created which covers everything we need?


Thank you.

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  • Yes I would also include 'Pick Location' so we can see where it finally dispatched from instead of the Location at the header level.

    This would help us troubleshoot which orders from our ecommerce site had been accidently fulfilled from a different location at the line level due to issues with the Cin7-Shopify integration



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