Enhancing API Integration for Multi-Location Stock Management.

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Hi Dear Development Team, 

We are currently in the process of establishing an API integration between our Dear account and WMS.

Our warehouse comprises multiple locations, each housing distinct stock items. Therefore, it is imperative that we acquire comprehensive location-specific information through this API integration.

As of now, Dear System initiates the order transfer from the Sales Order stage via the API. However, this process transmits information related solely to the main location. To effectively manage our multi-location stock, we require the ability to transfer data from the Pick List stage through the API. The Pick List stage inherently possesses the capability to record and automatically select the appropriate stock per location, which aligns with our operational requirements.

Regrettably, this functionality is currently unavailable from Dear's end. However, its implementation is critical for our system's efficacy and relevance. Without this capability, our API integration would fall short of meeting our operational necessities.

Therefore, we kindly request the consideration of a feature enhancement to facilitate the transmission of data from the Pick List stage, rather than the Sales Order stage, to our WMS through the API. Alternatively, if an equivalent solution exists, we are eager to explore it.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to the prospect of improving our API integration to enhance our multi-location stock management capabilities.

Thank you for your consideration.

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