The DEAR Warehouse Management System (WMS) app allows you to perform warehouse operations (Pick, Pack, Receive Inventory, Stocktake, Write-Off) on inventory with serial or batch numbers. 

NOTE: The Serial number/Batch number field is only visible for products with Costing Methods that support serial and batch numbers.


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Selecting a Serial/Batch Number Costing Method

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A product's costing method must support serial/batch numbers to use serial/batch number features in the WMS app. Product costing methods can be set or changed through the DEAR Systems web portal. 

Products must have one of the following costing methods:

  • FIFO - Serial
  • FIFO - Batch
  • FEFO - Serial
  • FEFO - Batch
  • Special - Batch
  • Special - Serial

Costing methods can be changed from a product's detail page (Inventory → Products → [select product]). However, non-serialised costing methods CANNOT be changed to a serialised costing method. See Costing Methods - Changing the Costing Method for more information.

Picking and Packing

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Follow the Picking/Packing steps for DEAR Warehouse Management System. When you get to the Item Details screen, you will see a Batch #/Serial # field. Enter the Batch #/Serial # and press Enter on your keypad. Continue with Picking/Packing as normal.

Batch Numbers:

Serial Numbers:

Receiving Inventory

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Follow the Receiving Inventory steps in DEAR Warehouse Management System. When you get to the Item Details, screen, you will see an Expired field and a Batch #/Serial # field. Enter the Batch #/Serial # and press Enter on your keypad. Continue with Receiving Inventory as normal.

NOTE: DEAR does not currently support checking/enforcing uniqueness of serial numbers, and it is possible to enter duplicate serial numbers into the system, for example if products from a different supplier have the same serial number. 

Batch Numbers:

Serial Numbers:

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