Q: How do I open the DEAR POS mobile app directly from within the DEAR WMS app on my device?

A: If you have DEAR POS installed on your device, you can open it directly by clicking Open POS at the very bottom of the DEAR WMS Main menu.

Q: I cannot scan product barcodes into the DEAR WMS app using my ScanSKU scanner. I have tried scanning barcodes from all areas within the app but without any success. My scanner is working with other apps – it only appears to fail with DEAR WMS.

A: Open the scanner application, set the output mode to Keyboard Mode, then try the operation again.

Q: How do I change the name of a register? I have reviewed the setup in integration, but the register name is greyed out and cannot be edited.

A: A register must be active before its name can be edited. To check if the register is active, go to the DEAR POS Integration page in DEAR Inventory, select the store with the register, then click the Outlets tab. Next, from the list of outlets, select the outlet to which the register is attached, then click the register name at the top. The register's details are then displayed to the right. If the Active button is set to Yes, the register is active. To edit the name, click the register name, make the required changes, then click SaveIf the Active button is set to No, toggle it to Yes first before proceeding with your changes.

Q: Do all individual devices need to be their own register? For example, if I have three devices, do I set them up as three separate registers?

A: Yes, each device must be set up as a separate register. This is the purpose of the Register module.

Q: We have a new iPad that we would like to use in one of our outlets. We downloaded the DEAR WMS mobile app, signed in, selected the main register, after which we were asked to enter a PIN. After entering the PIN, we encountered a message that states: 'Your PIN code is not unique. Please change your PIN code as soon as possible to prevent wrong logins.' Why is this so?

A: The warning message means that there is more than one user on the register with the same PIN. Try entering a different PIN to avoid this error message and continue with your new device setup.

Q: I'm encountering 'Record not found' and some other weird errors during picking and packing, printing, receiving, and even while putting away stock. Why are these happening?

A: The most likely explanation for these is that the sale and purchase orders you're looking for may still be unauthorised or have been subjected to Undo or Void operations within DEAR Inventory. Make sure that these orders are authorised first. In addition, in case of an Undo on a sale or purchase order, the line items under those orders need to be deleted as well. 

Q: If I buy a scanner and connect it to an Android Phone, will it be suitable for DEAR WMS? I presume I can just buy any Andriod Phone and just run the WMS app on it.

A: Yes, you're correct, it should work. For the step-by-step guide on how to set up hardware devices with DEAR WMS, check out the DEAR Warehouse Management Solution article.

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